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Alex Keller
OLPH Council Field Agent
office (631) 226-3831
"We purchase life insurance not because we're going to die,
but because others are going to live"


Knights of Columbus insurance has been “Making a Difference for Life” for more than 129 years. Since our founding in 1882, our primary mission has been to protect families against the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner. Today we do this, and help families secure their financial futures, through our top-rated portfolio of life insurance, long term care insurance and annuity products.

Why Choose Us?

Our Beginnings; A Sanctuary

In the late 19th century, North America was experiencing an influx of people from all over the world, particularly Europe. Many people were relegated to living in unsanitary conditions, and performing hazardous jobs for poor pay. Such was life for Catholics in New Haven, Connecticut.

The untimely death of the family breadwinner often devastated a family. In 1882, a young Catholic priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, curate at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, envisioned an organization to help Catholic families deal with this crisis. Out of his vision the Knights of Columbus was founded. We are currently the largest Catholic, family, fraternal organization in the world, and boast a members-only insurance program that is among the strongest in the industry.

As a member of our organization, you enjoy the opportunity to participate as a family and positively affect your church and community. One person can make a difference. With 1.7 million members, the Knights of Columbus’ impact is enormous. Last year alone, we donated $151 million to charitable causes, and performed over 64 million hours of community service. That’s impact!

We have over 1,200 full-time life insurance professionals dedicated to serving member’s needs. Each is assigned exclusively to a group of members and families so that he’ll be there when you or your family needs him. These agents are members of our organization and share our members’ ideals and goals in community service.

Promised Benefits

From its humble beginnings, our insurance program has grown into a formidable institution, providing billions of dollars in future death benefits to our members and families.

Financial Strength

Prudent management has led to the rapid growth of our assets, providing adequate backing for our member’s protection, and securing our obligations to our insureds and their beneficiaries.

Ownership Benefits

Because we’re a Fraternal Benefit Society, we have no stockholders. Our owners are our members. We return our good fortune in the form of dividends to our policyholders.

Family Fraternal Benefits

Membership Means More

The Knights of Columbus offers special benefits of membership. Among these are unique programs that exist exclusively for K of C families faced with needs that often fall outside traditional insurance plans. The Family Fraternal Benefits package, available to all our good-standing members and their families, adds value to membership in our organization.

  • Guaranteed Life Insurance Benefits for Uninsurable Children
  • Death Benefits Available for Stillborn/Miscarried Children
  • Orphan Benefits
  • Member/Spouse Accidental Death Benefits

Our Evolution

When our organization began, in order to help each other, our members “passed the hat” to assist families of deceased members. Soon, however, this became impossible, as the number of our members grew.

Out of this simple process, we've evolved into a modern, dynamic insurance organization, and offer a wide variety of products to suit virtually everyone’s needs.

  • Permanent Plans – Policy lasts as long as you live, premium stays the same.
  • Term Plans – Policy ends at end of specified term: renewable or convertible.
  • Annuities – Provides an income that is guaranteed for life.
  • Long Term Care – Provides funds for long-term, out-of-hospital care.


K of C Insurance Products


* Permanent Life Insurance: A variety of options that can provide guaranteed lifelong coverage. Generally, cash values accumulate on a tax-deferred basis.
     **Life Paid-up at 65: Paid-up at the contract date nearest your 65th birthday. Coverage and cash values continue for the rest of your life.
     ** 20 Payment Life: Plan is paid-up in 20 years, and coverage continues. Coverage and cash values continue for the rest of your life.  

                             ** 10 Payment Life: Plan is paid-up in 10 years, and coverage continues. Coverage and cash values continue for the rest of your life.

     **Single Premium Life: One payment purchases a paid-up life policy offering permanent life insurance protection and has immediate cash values that are guaranteed to grow over time.

*Term Life Insurance: Plans offer coverage for 10-, 15-, and 20-year periods, and premiums are guaranteed to be level for the initial term period. No cash value accumulation.

*Second-to-Die: Two plans available: Survivorship Universal Life (SUL) and DuaLife. Second-to-Die life insurance programs cover two people and generally cost less that two individual policies. The death benefit is paid upon the death of the second person.

*Discoverer: This unique plan combines the guaranteed cash value of a whole life policy with the features of term life insurance.

*Many policy riders available, including Child Rider.


*Two policy types available: Comprehensive, which provides for care at home or in facilities (adult day care, assisted living or skilled nursing home); and facility-only care, which provides only for care outside the home.

*Allows your spouse or children to be your famiy, not your caregiver.

*Many features available to meet personal needs.

*Since its initial offering, including Inflation Protection Rider and Return of Premium  Rider.

*Tax-qualified plans.


*Annuities provide long-term accumulation of wealth, specifically designed for retirement needs.

*Guaranteed safety of principal.

*CDs, cash from mutual funds and money markets can be transferred into our tax-deferred, non-qualified annuity.

*IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), TSA and SEP plans are available. It is also possible to roll your existing plan into our tax-deferred, qualified annuity.

*All of our annuities can be funded with as little as $300 to start.

Disability Income Insurance - Income Armor from the Knights of Columbus can pick up where your paycheck leaves off.